Data Analytics Solutions: From Data Source to Insights

Our individual, agilely developed and scalable data analytics solutions provide you with the decisive insights for your product development.
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Embark on the journey - from pilot to operationalization.

Data analytics solutions are the basis for major efficiency and quality improvements in processes, development and products. The pilots and proof-of-concepts of recent years have been convincing. By 2025, 75% of companies want to bring their data analytics projects to production maturity, and we are supporting them in this.

Collecting data cleverly

Collecting data alone is not enough – only those who collect data optimized for analyses and evaluations can also use its potential.

Know-how on demand

70% of companies fail due to lack of resources – we support you in realizing your Data Science visions.

Solutions ready for launch

Your investment is only worthwhile from the transition from pilot to series. Through agile working, we manage this transition in our projects.


Agile data analytics - the fast way to the goal!

The switch to agile data analytics has more than doubled the speed of implementation in our projects. By no means an isolated case, but only if you do it right.

End-2-End or partial solutions - Choose what fits.

We help you transform your questions into optimized and efficient data collection, cleanse and analyze the data and develop helpful data visualizations, dashboards and predictions. In your own IT environment or in the cloud developed by us.

Data Pipelines

Every data analytics product starts with the availability of data. Whether cloud or data warehouse – we develop a data storage strategy, data access and usage concepts and set up the pipeline for you.

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Descriptive analytics

Understanding data and what it says is essential to asking the right questions. We validate, cleanse and pre-process your data before using statistical analysis to elicit the answers to your questions.

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Predictive analytics

Go one step further – leverage knowledge hidden in your data. From classification problems to failure predictions, we use supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning for scaling, learning models.

We turned 40GB of data per day into groundbreaking insights for our customers last year - what about your data?
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Gain information from field vehicles. In real time.

We transform your questions into a cost-optimized data collection campaign, execute it efficiently and analyze the collected data with state-of-the-art data science and analytics.

Thus, we accompany you from the first interview to the creation of individual decision templates in the form of graphics and dashboards.

  • Directly applicable, without own data science resources
  • Many years of big data analytics know-how
  • Automotive technical expertise
  • Scalable and production-ready solutions
  • From the question to the data-based answer with minimal time expenditure

Our references

This is us.

Dalibor Sevcik

Dalibor embodies agile ways of working and only has results in mind. An SQL magician in the balancing act between automotive and software development, plus half a dozen other subjects to boot.

Project manager & deadline keeper

Dr. Tobias Zangmeister

Tobias excels at taking a management view of data-driven projects to be established and breathes Customer Centricity. Your success is our success – no more and no less.

Business unit manager & identifierof hidden requirements

Dr. Mehrshad Pakdel

Mehrshad loves to play around with data and present it in appealing visualizations. He likes Python because of its versatility. But he has also come to appreciate the power of Apache Spark for Big Data.

Data analyst & quick learner

Dr. Claudia Cioli

Claudia loves the challenge of gaining applicable insights from data. Through storytelling, she helps her clients realize the full potential of data-driven solutions.

Data scientist & data understander

Linh Heubeck

Linh is involved in data management across the board, both in project controlling and management reporting. However, the real added value is offered to the customer only after their visualization with Tableau and Quikview.

Data Analyst & Arrangeur

Alexander Lieb

Alexander likes to turn seemingly worthless data into knowledge and insights to solve problems before they arise. As a big fan of predictive machine learning models, he would love to know today what will happen tomorrow.

Expert data scientist & machine learning enthusiast

Fabian Multrus

Fabian is fascinated by data and its potential. Wherever possible, he looks for ways to make data useful to people while cracking tough nuts.

Expert data scientist & nutcracker

Dr. Sabrina Hroß

As a slightly schizophrenic mixture of mathematician and design thinker, Sabrina radically links data with added values for customers – sometimes with added values that were not even clear to the customers beforehand.

Senior data analyst & design thinker

Philipp Schlösser

Philipp is a data detective. As a data analyst with his roots in engineering, he is well equipped to get to the bottom of all the connections.

Data Analyst & Sherlock Holmes

Ga-Wai Au

Ga-Wai is always on the trail of mistakes. Through the interdisciplinary integration of electrical engineering into the world of data, he wants to steer electromobility in the right direction.

Data analyst & track holder

Lars Bachus

Lars loves to dive into the world of databases in order to elicit data from them in an appropriately prepared way and then make it visible and tangible in interactive dashboards and reports. He practically grew up with Tableau, manages the entire Tableau infrastructure at our company and takes care of the topics of data preparation and manipulation.

Data scientist & visualizer

Quoc Hoai Vu

Hoai loves helping people and finding solutions with StackOverflow. Not only is he learning his AI models, he is also constantly working to expand his skillset.

Data Analyst & Lerning Enthusiast

Biswanath Bose

Biswanath is an experienced software developer in the automotive sector and loves the daily challenges with constantly changing requirements in the projects. His focus is on software development and planning in the area of data analytics and virtualization to enhance the quality of products that exceed customer expectations through solution innovation and efficiency.

System Engineer & Data Analyst

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