Development and validation of electrical electronics components & functions

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Benefit from our test infrastructure and implement your ideas for suitable test stations together with us.

Look forward to a wealth of experience in the field of vehicle air conditioning and in the analysis of vehicle interiors.

Access meaningful test results, which are quickly available to you depending on automated test structures.

Build on a wide range of solutions for all challenges in the development and validation of E/E functions

Vehicle air conditioning

Vehicle air conditioning is one of our core competencies with all its facets, starting with test rig development through initial commissioning on the vehicle to testing. Take your functions from the development stage to production maturity with our support in terms of testing, analysis support and the execution of regular functional events.

  • Commissioning/Analysis
  • Function development
  • Testing
  • Test specification and execution
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Testing services

For one of our customers we developed a test bench for automated tests in the field of seat pneumatics in the automotive environment. Seat pneumatics are used, among other things, in seat massage and thus increase comfort in (luxury) vehicles. The test rig developed consists of two parts: a dSpace Realtimerack, which is used to simulate and control the remaining bus simulation environment and other E/E components, and a hardware structure with various actuators, which, for example, be able to simulate counter-pressures (through the use of traversing punches). Automated tests enable us to accelerate software development processes and make statements about software quality in the shortest possible time.

  • Test case management
  • Test case specification
  • Test automation
  • Test development
  • Test execution (component testing, integration testing, system testing, functional testing)
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Fotowelt Engineering
Function development

Function development and application are one of our core software competencies: Starting with the creation/development of specifications for drive and comfort electronics incl. diagnoses, via flashing and all relevant tests of the delivered functional software on HiL and in the vehicle, and the associated supplier communication/control through to the application of the function, we are responsible for the overall process.

  • Function development
  • Function application
  • Function test
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Fehlermanagement im Fahrzeug
Error handling

Error handling involves the seamless recording, processing and analysis of errors discovered in the course of testing. Consistent error handling ensures more quality and stability in the development processes and ultimately a noticeably increased and improved end customer experience.

  • Error handling based on common systems ALM, OCTANE
  • Error tracking
  • Functional testing
  • Analysis and reproduction of errors, for example with our in-house testing systems in the laboratory areas and workshops provided for this purpose – or, of course, on your location
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Elektrik Elektronik Prüfstandsentwicklung
Development of test and inspection systems

The development and expansion of test rigs are a component of our comprehensive testing strategy. Through specially developed test automations, HiL and SiL test rigs and other customizable automation solutions, we create a digital test infrastructure.

  • Test rig development
  • Test automation
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Electrics electronics in the vehicle interior that inspires.

Stable and innovative functions inspire customers. Not only the reliability of the function execution plays an enormously important role, but also the stability and quality. In order to identify and analyze errors at an early stage, we rely on a state-of-the-art tool and method landscape.


Vector Tools (CANape, CANoe, CANalyzer), ETAS-Tools (INCA, ASCET), Mathworks (MATLAB, Simulink), dSPACE (ControlDesk, AutomationDesk), National Instruments (LabVIEW, TestStand), OpenCV, tracetronic ECU-TEST

Standards and norms


Benefit from an extensive testing infrastructure

In order to further advance electromobility, we are building on a modern and top-equipped testing infrastructure. Experience our 5 main areas and take a look inside our V-Lab.

Oliver Schirmer

Business Unit Manager Engineering