Connecting Mobility and Energy for a Better Future.

Master the transformation to a climate-neutral future with green, smart products and technologies.
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Future orientation inspires people

As an innovation leader, you inspire your customers with new technologies and products for a sustainable and climate-friendly future.

Mobility and Energy - one solution

Utilize potentials of novel business models by networking energy and mobility and thus enable the transformation to a climate-neutral future.

Into the future with sustainable mobility

Create a coherent integration of electric vehicles and charging systems into your existing energy system for your organization.

Reduce costs through founding

Take advantage of funding opportunities to actively reduce costs in your innovative projects in the field of electromobility.

Consulting Services

For our customers, we develop smart and green products to improve the outlook for our planet: Systems engineering electromobility, shared mobility, green energy generation and storage, fast charging and many more.
Benefit from an extensive testing infrastructure.
In order to further advance electromobility, we are building on a modern and well-equipped testing infrastructure. Take a look inside our high-voltage laboratory.
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Leo Ladenhauf - Head of Business Development
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