Charging communication

Specification, testing, and validation at the interfaces between
Electric vehicle, charging station and management system
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Check the quality of your components (charging station or electric vehicle) in terms of performance or system stability.

Business models

Benefit from new, innovative business models, such as V2G and V2H, and successfully bring them to production maturity.


Focus your own resources by
access to our test infrastructure.


Rely on us as a reliable partner who brings along technology know-how and network.

Validation of charging communication

Ensuring stable charging communication between electric vehicles and charging stations presents challenges for manufacturers on both sides. Master the steps towards series production in electromobility.


Test your components (charging station or electric vehicle) in terms of performance and system stability.

Measurement technology

Expand your testing depth with our diverse analysis and measurement experience.


Create a coherent integration of electric vehicles, charging systems and energy market.

Standardization work

Be sure that norms and standards of your products and solutions are cleanly maintained.

Through international standards such as ISO 15118, OCPP and EEBus
get Smart Charging reality.

Expand your test capacities for the growing electromobility market. Rely on proven expertise in the field of vehicle communication. Test your components (charging station or electric vehicle) with regard to performance, system stability and service life.

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Eco system

Bidirectional charging is a key technology in electromobility.

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Increase storage capacities

Storage capacities in the overall system are increased by e-vehicles, thereby achieving efficient integration of renewable energies.

Achieve power grid stabilization

Grid stabilization can be achieved through the control power of bidirectional charging.

Saving investment costs

An overload of the distribution network due to charging of e-vehicles can be counteracted. This reduces investment costs for the infrastructure.

Reduce load peaks

Load peaks can be significantly reduced, saving companies money (in the form of grid fee reductions).

Bidirectional charging communication enables new business models.

A major component in the success of electromobility is an intelligent power management. Only dynamic energy management can help with a increasing number of electric vehicles, help to keep the infrastructure costs of the power grid limited. This requires bidirectional communication between the e-vehicle and the wallbox. From this point of view e-cars are no longer viewed solely as electricity consumers, but also as storage instances in an overall system. Specially in combination with renewable energies, this is becoming increasingly important. In this context, charging and battery management of e-vehicles is becoming an important new topic area, which we at VISPIRONSYSTEMS are already actively shaping.

V2G - Vehicle to Grid

Systems in which electricity from vehicle storage is fed back into the power grid are referred to as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems.
Such a system places high technical demands on both the e-car and the charging station.

V2H - Vehicle to Home

Systems in which electricity from vehicle storage is fed back into the home grid are called vehicle-to-home (V2H) systems. Surplus energy from PV systems can be temporarily stored in the vehicle battery and later fed back into the household grid for consumption.

Help determine the development of a pioneering technology.

The effective and efficient charging and battery management of EVs (Electric Vehicles) is becoming an important new core competence in automotive engineering. Successful influence in standardization work for OCPP and ISO 15118 in the relevant charging communication committees will allow you to actively shape this area.

Logo Open Charge Alliance

Since 2022 VISPIRON SYSTEMS is a member of the Open Charge Alliance.

The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) develops the internationally established communication protocol OCPP for the control, monitoring and configuration of charging stations by their operators.

The OCPP and ISO 15118 will lead the way for the development of new charging technologies.

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