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Bring your technical projects reliably to the finish line with agile, hybrid & classic methods.

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For customers working in the technical development of products, we select the appropriate methods from agile, hybrid and classic project management. With our expertise in quality management, we ensure the best results along the entire development process. Take advantage of the potential of process digitization and empower your organization for maximum efficiency.

Our customers rely on our experience and know-how: in 90 currently running projects in project, quality and process management

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Experts of our team introduce themselves
Jens Paul
Jens Paul - Head of Business Unit Project Solutions

As head of department at VISPIRON SYSTEMS, I am in charge of the project solutions business unit. For many years, it has been our task to accompany our customers along the technical development process. We support in daily business through project management with agile, hybrid and classic methods. Through our accompanying quality management, we ensure in each project phase that the best possible results are achieved. Building on this experience and the daily challenges of project life, it is always our goal to automate processes and workflows to the maximum and optimize them through digital solutions.

My goal is to make my personal contribution to a survivable world of tomorrow with our contribution to the development of technical products of tomorrow. In the future, my two children should benefit from the solutions that we are launching today.

Our services help green-tec products and solutions that make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability to reach market maturity faster, safer, cheaper and in the best possible quality.

Manuela Grügel - Teamleader Qualitätsmanagement

As team leader consulting, my main topic at VISPIRON SYSTEMS is quality management during development. My personal mission is twofold: On the one hand, to inspire people about and for VISPIRON and, on the other hand, to create an understanding of what quality management is.

It is my daily motivation to develop methods to combine quality management, digitization and agilization.

michael_guggenberger_mitarbeiter (1)
Michael Guggenberger - Consulting

In my role as a consultant, my main task at VISPIRON SYSTEMS is project management.

Efficient and structured solutions are particularly important to me.
I find joy in green technology that makes our future better and more livable.

Through my consulting in the areas of future mobility and digital transformation, I contribute to the development of new technologies, such as more efficient and emission-free engines

Your project partner for project- and quality management in technical development.
Our core industries

Automotive & mobility services

Our core industry with decent potential for change.

Energy supply & storage

We connect the mobility sector with the energy market. Benefit from know-how and experience combined in one house.

Electronics development & mechanical engineering

Mechatronics - the DNA of VISPIRON since its foundation in 2004.

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Who are our clients?

Small and medium-sized companies

Individual consulting, custom-tailored to your needs and at the same time flexible. Staying within the budget is another core elements in our cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Public and semi-public clients

Understanding the requirements of public and semi-public (research) institutions and developing special solutions. This is what distinguishes us.

Global, multinational companies

The corporate world and processes do not scare us. On the contrary, discover with us the optimization potential in worldwide, highly networked organizations.

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We foster talents that not only want to do, but do it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ, we answer the most important questions around our topics.

1. According to which standards and norms do we orientate ourselves in project management?

Our consultants perform project management according to PMI, GPM and IPMA standards.

We also focus on the following two standards:

ISO 9001 – Quality management

ISO 21500 – Project Management Guide

2. According to which norms and standards do we orientate ourselves in process management?

We also focus on the following three standards:

  • Process development and process implementation in organizations according to ISO 9001
  • Process development and process introduction in project management according to ISO 21500
  • Process development and process introduction in software development projects automotive according to ASPICE

3. What is our focus in quality management?

  • Quality assurance in the organization according to ISO 9001
  • Quality assurance in project management according to ISO 21500
  • Quality assurance in automotive software development projects according to ASPICE

4. How do you deal with the issue of information and data protection?

VISPIRON SYSTEMS GmbH is certified according to:


  • ISO27001 – Information Security
  • TISAX – Level 3 (automotive specific)

In accordance with the legal requirements, we attach great importance to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation in the currently valid version.

At the beginning of a project, we will be happy to conduct an assessment of your information and data protection requirements and then implement them consistently during and after the project.

5. Can project management services be outsourced?

Our project management services are used by customers from technical development. If highly networked hardware parts or software components are developed by different departments, not only the requirements for the project manager but also the interfaces within the organization increase. These interfaces often lead to loss of information, slowing down of processes and uncoordinated decisions. An external service provider assumes the interface role and thus ensures

  • fast distribution of information
  • assumption of interface and coordination effort
  • smooth communication

The independent view from a commissioned project partner from the outside also promotes the identification of process weaknesses, unnecessary workload and savings potential in the volume of work. You benefit from a significant reduction in the workload of your own employees. The focus on the core performance of the organizational unit is promoted again.

6. On which contractual basis do we work with our customers?

We offer our project services through

  • Work contract
  • Service contract
  • Employee leasing

We would be happy to discuss which commissioning model is suitable for your special requirements in a personal conversation.


Do you already know the topic Business Process Outsourcing?

As a project partner, we take over complete process chains and are also responsible for process output to internal and external process participants in this interface. As the client, you have more freedom in the design of your own performance and can be sure that the support processes will keep running in your interest.

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Jens Paul - Business Unit Manager Project Solutions
Jens Paul