Agile and classic project management in technical development

Bring your projects successfully to the finish line

Ensure compliance with all requirements

Focus on your core tasks

Create 100% transparency in the project

Do you have a project in the technical environment?

We help you operationally and/or in a consulting capacity with the realization of your transparent project landscape and thus create security and freedom. We support you and your project team from initialization to project completion.

Take advantage of our many years of expertise in the implementation of technical projects

Budget exceeded? Missed a deadline? Quality goals not achieved?

Why project management in technical development often does not work as intended.

Lacking requirements

The requirements are unclear or have not been described at all.

Missing or inconsistent schedules

The synchronization of development steps begins with coordinated schedules. If these are missing, there can be conflicting appointments.

Inefficient meeting landscape and culture

Meetings are supposed to achieve their goal effectively. In most cases, they are time-consuming and without a concrete outcome.

Error in change management

Subsequent changes lead to a lot of trouble and the need for renewed coordination. If change management processes are missing, good changes can no longer be taken into account.

Delayed or incorrect parts provision

If (prototype) parts are ordered or delivered incorrectly, this delays the test process

Missing or inadequate documentation

An audit is imminent and the documents are again not maintained? An employee changes and takes the know-how with him.

Our customers benefit from more effectiveness, higher quality and improved transparency of their projects.

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Project management in technical development

Our main topics

Benefit from a forward-looking, fast project organization

Plan-driven/classic methods often reach their limits, especially in the case of a rapidly changing requirement structure or a solution path that is still unclear Instead, agile approaches help to successfully complete even complex or complicated projects.

  • Detailed analysis of your project / portfolio
  • Regular reflection & adjustment
  • Identification of the appropriate method & tools

With clear requirements in the right direction right from the start.

We support you in eliciting, managing and documenting requirements. If the complexity of new products makes tool support indispensable.

  • Requirements elicitation
  • Requirement management
  • Requirement documentation

Save time and nerves with coordinated schedules

With our expertise in comprehensive appointment and process consulting, we bring your product development on schedule and with high quality to the goal.

  • Analysis and implementation schedules
  • Generics development
  • Project management on schedule

Focus on the essentials. Save time with Project Office.

We help you operationally and/or consultatively with the realization of your transparent project landscape and thus create security and freedom. We support you and your project team from initialization to project completion.

  • Project initialization
  • Implementation stage
  • Project completion

Implement changes in good time and avoid high costs.

We help our business partners with the process of a technical change from root cause to implementation and ensure that all necessary parties are involved.

  • Processual development change management
  • Change control
  • Interface/stakeholder management

Score with the right software in every development stage.

The aim of software integration is to create a consistent and, in particular, functioning software environment of a technical system in the overall network. We ensure that software deliveries reach the process partner (whether internal or external) at the right time, in the right condition and quality.

  • Synchronization and coordination of software suppliers
  • Definition and management of software logistics
  • Control and monitor maturity of software functions

Score with the right hardware in every development stage.

Any hardware installed in a vehicle or technical system must be validated or tested, depending on the specification. We support development departments and construction plants in coordinating their needs and requirements.

  • Procurement and test planning
  • Trial part control
  • Ordering process / parts provision

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