Lab Operation Electromobility

Lab and test infrastructure to develop the mobility of the future

High-Voltage Labs

Testing innovative power electronics in the VISPIRON high-voltage lab. Your test lab for future electronic appliances for drives and charging technology.

  • Drafting
  • Test case specification
  • Automation of test cases on the test rig
  • Test execution/test supervision
  • Error analyses and tracking
  • Problem management

Examples of test fields: HV-type testing, environmental and durability qualification, EMC testing, LV124 fuse protection.

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Zwei Ingenieure testen Batterie im Batterielabor


Focus on testing lithium-ion battery cells for performance and stability under predefined environmental conditions.

  • Analyses of different battery cell types (form factors and cellular chemistry)
  • Parameter determination
  • Calendaric & cyclical aging tests
  • Temperature cycling test
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Test Field Smart Charging and Charging Infrastructure

Spezification, test and fuse protection at the interfaces between electric vehicle, charging station and management system

  • Interface charging station/vehicle (ISO 15118, DIN 70121)
  • Interface charging station/management system (OCPP)
  • End-2-End fuse protection/total system protection (EMS, vehicle, charging station, app, photovoltaic system, budgetary load, backend)

Examples for test fields: total charging station system, Smart Charging, V2G, V2H

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Test Rack and Partial Setups

For testing electrical/electronic components and functions, we develop individually adapted test racks and automation solutions.

  • Test case management
  • Test case specification
  • Test automation
  • Test development
  • Test execution (component testing, integration testing, system testing, functional testing)
  • Test rig development
  • Errorhandling and problem management

Examples of test areas: air conditioning, seat functions, etc.

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Total Vehicle Tests at the V-Lab Flash Center

Our V-Lab provides modern flash and update areas for upgrading electric vehicles with new software.

  • Software upgrades
  • E/E Hardware conversion
  • Vehicle commissioning
  • Error diagnosis
  • BUS measurement technology
  • Arrangement-specific measurement technology setup
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Green tech means much more than the further development of technologies that will help us stop the climate change. With green tech we support our customers on their way to sustainable and digitalised mobility and energy of the future. You benefit from our expertise and infrastructure which creates additional test capacities on the market. We will continue to follow our path with targeted developments and investments. Accompany us on this journey.

Leo Ladenhauf - team leader Business Development Management


Leo Ladenhauf, team leader Business Development Management

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